Third RACIRI summer school in August 2015

The next RACIRI summer school will be held from August 22 to 29, 2015 in Sellin, Island of Rügen, at the German Baltic Sea coast. More information is available at

RACIRI summer school 2015

The RACIRI summer school is a joint initiative by Sweden, Russia and Germany embedded in the collaborative frameworks of the Röntgen-Angström-Cluster (RÅC) and the Ioffe-Röntgen-Institute (IRI). It promotes young scientists in advanced materials design with a strong connection to the excellent research infrastructures in the region. Partnering organizing institutions are the DESY in Germany, NRC Kurchatov Institute in Russia and the Swedish Research Council Vetenskapsrådet. To learn more about the previous RACIRI Summer Schools please have a look here.